New Story posted on my Wattpad!

“The Scandal” is a Cinderella themed story set in Regency England.

Please check it out here!


Ella Huntington is no stranger to devastation. When her father tragically passed away, she was left in the care of her money hungry, social climbing stepmother; she wants nothing more than to escape her clutches.

Alexander Montgomery, the Duke of Sinclair. He’s a reformed rake, recently returned from a trip abroad to take up his Dukedom after the death of his father.

To avoid her nefarious stepmother’s plan for her, she packs a bag with the intention of running away the night of her stepmother’s ball. However, she stumbles directly into a scandal with Alexander, and the two must make a choice.

Get married, or Ella’s reputation will be ruined forever. With time spent together, an astonishing romance begins to spark between the pair…

But this is not happily ever after. At least not yet.

They both have enemies lurking in the shadows, and they must work together or risk failing completely. Can the pair come together, or has this romance been doomed from the start?

Please, please, please check it out here!

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